Thursday, August 5, 2010

WHAT Happened??? my precious cargo? The second child. The sweet face in the sonogram. The Sophie girl.

I must admit. Before Sophie, when it was just Grace, Boog and I were patting ourselves on the back. We thought we were goooooood. Grace really was an easy child. Mild temperament. Very few outbursts. Tenderhearted, therefore all we had to do was give her the "look" and she would behave. And all this time......I thought it was us.

Turns out, it was her. And this is Sophie.

Sophie Monster. My little petunia who has now gone full fledge into the "terrible 2's" at just 18 months. Talk about an accelerated learner! She literally tore the aisles down at Hallmark (we're never going there again). She's turned her cries into this high-pitch "Wheeeeee-eeeeee" sound that only dogs, and myself, can hear. She hits. She pinches. She jumps up and down on my back with the force of a 18-wheeler. And she knows what she wants....and she will get it.

If she wasn't so darn cute, I think I'd have to trade her in for a newer, slightly less finicky model. But she is so darn cute. Darn it.


Jenna said...

Maybe her and our sweet Karty would make the perfect little couple!
Something in the curls maybe??
Love to read your blogs and hear about your sweet girls!

The Ranter said...

Love the post, Flo!

The Settlemeyers said...

Oh Connor is just like Sophie!! I'm praying Reid will be more like Grace!!

Dede said...

Audrey and Sophie need to meet!!! Oh my, or on second thought....they would probably cause too much trouble together!! I can't decide if it's the case of second child syndrome, or that Audrey is a girl. I think it's a lethal combo of the two. We are in the same boat Flo! I have to remind myself sometimes that yes, Will & Audrey are indeed siblings!! Wow. :) xoxo

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