Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Day and a Half People!

While I was gone creating this master-less piece at my furniture painting workshop (GLAZE is HARD people!!) ......I came back to a new child......

.....a toothless child.
She told me it was loose right before I left. I figured, eh.....a few days, weeks maybe, and it'll be out. Nope. That tooth didn't even make it past the weekend. She wiggled it out the next day. I'm excited and sad at the same can that be??
She quickly got out her tooth fairy pillow....

And on top of that, Boog raced in a Duathalon. Hmmmm...when he goes out of town, the girls and I usually curl up, veg at home, or play innocently outside.
When mommy leaves, it's apparently 'GAME ON' for fun.

I had fun at my painting workshop, but I realized I will be needing several practice runs at the glazing technique before I am ready to say "viola". I bought a good brush, and I'm ready to tackle the challenge!


The Keltons said...

Love your furniture piece. I wish I was artistic enough to learn to do that.

Keri said...

You did a great job! Maybe you can teach a class here.

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