Monday, February 21, 2011

Grandma's Teacakes

My dad once told me, in a moment of nostalgia, that when he was growing up, my grandma cooked all three meals for her 4 hungry boys and husband from scratch and every dinner had a dessert (from scratch, natch!). Some of my best memories of her are her sheath cakes....her corn casserole....her mashed potatoes...and these beautiful tea cakes.

It's a process. The whole rollin' the dough bit.....but every now and then, I'll get an urge to revive these beauties.
Recalling memories while I roll.

I hope my daughters will have memories of me making things from scratch. Not that cookies from the roll aren't anything special, but I think it's good for a little girl to see the process.
The work. The results.
It's also good for them to see me mess up. As I was making this batch, it called for buttermilk. In my haste, I grabbed the whipping cream carton and poured it right in! I didn't realize the mistake until after we took a bite.....and instead of crisp, they were soft. Oh well!

Sweet Grandma's tea sweet, sweet lady.

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