Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Pillow!

"Snow Pillow" was the first thing out of my little one's mouth when she saw all the white. When you're out of school for 4 out of the 5 days of the week, snow is a welcome break! It forces you to get your kiddos outside, instead of keeping them cooped up. Our children were COOPED up! So when we woke up to this picture above - we were ecstatic!

My favorite part was seeing my girls in their "gear". Something about chubby baby faces in tobaggans is adorable! (Why do we call them tobaggans btw? Why not just hat?)

We started off the week with my husband having the flu. Then he got better, and I went down with the "semi-flu". (One finally gets up, one goes down!) Thank goodness all this sick missed our children! By the time the snow got here, hubs & I were... 90%!
Sophie Not Knowing What to Think About it All

Mommy & Sophie (Grace was at her cousin's!)

We did quite a few things this week.....
like pullin' people out of ditches
(my husband's favorite pastime - really. He loves it!)

We visited Mimi's and Grace Made SnowAngels

Daddy Gave Sophie A Shovel Ride

Still Not Knowing What to Think About It

Cousins Making A Snowman

And we did ALOT of this - Big Breakfasts....

I'm sure when we're in school in July, making up for these missed schooldays, we'll be grumpy. But for now, this Winter Vacation has been a welcome break!

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