Friday, February 11, 2011


Jedi Trainer Angela
I hesitatingly write this post. In fact, I hesitatingly think about this post. I hesitate all over it!


My sister's like....Master Yoda Zumba Instructor. She looks fab, she's a great instructor, and she loves it. Strike that - she Luuuuvvvvssss it. Forever she's been trying to get me to get certified and start leading a class. And for forever, I've got it, hesitating. For so many reasons, but it all lead down to one: I'm scared.

I taught a few classes of kickboxing at A&M, and I love working out. But I'm scared I'll get into this thing and it will take over my life. Or I'll be really bad. It's that little sister thing in me....I don't want to stink at something my sister's already been labeled "great" at doing. Do I have the time? etc. etc.

But as my husband said...... why not? Why not take an opportunity lead others to a healthier lifestyle and do it all to great music?

So it is with this post (and a fellow friend who's getting certified with me in April!) that I take the leap into Zumba world. I am a Jedi in training...without the light saber thingy. I guess I can use my Zumba tassles as a weapon....gotta get those hips moving.


Brandi Hanes said...

Yeah Flo! You can do it girl!! I'm also scared, but on another level...I'm... well really out of shape and I know that's the point, but I'm so so embaressed :( maybe one day!

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