Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finished Pieces....


I love improvement. This little nightstand was a sight for sore, it's a dainty beauty! This swivel chair was that golden oak color......after drybrushing (actually, my technique is now called "dry swatting".... I'll tell ya about it one day!) with several different shades,

I am in love, love with the patina.

Golden Oak No More~

For sale $29

My Sister and I Played with Different Arrangements.... Trays - SOLD

Wire basket - SOLD

twin bedskirt - SOLD

Grouped Some Pretty Items....

....and set up a little photo shoot. I'm thinking I'm ready (almost) for the Grand Opening!


Laurie said...

OK I want that table and everything on it!!! HAHA!! (not kidding =0) Oh my gosh!! You are SOOO good at this!

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