Friday, April 29, 2011

My Favorite So Far...

I scored this beautiful buffet at one of those crackdealin' looking junk stores. They had it on the side of the road with two prices on it - one for finance, one for cash. I made the transaction. It was quick. Easy. Like taking candy from a baby (who coined that phrase anyway?? Taking candy from a baby is not easy...)

I sanded and stained the top, and used my beloved chalk paint for the bottom (I'm going to sing an 'ode to chalk paint' song one day...and buy stock in it). It is truly one of my favorites so far.


Beauty in the details! Ready for a finishing coat!


Keri said...

Ok, I need to come check out this paint and see it in progress. Let me know when your next project is.

Oh, and we got the mirror hung. :D

The Settlemeyers said...

Love it!!!

Jenna said...

That is my favorite so far as well!! I love it!! Let me know if you find another like it...I would love one with black on the bottom!

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