Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting Nervous....

Just five short days until "Goin' With the Flo" opens her booth doors at Winnie & Tulula's ~ Needless to say, I'm getting hives. Not really, but I could. Thoughts like "Do I have enough stuff?" "Will people like the 'stuff'?" "Is this just absolutely ridiculous?...I mean, I DO have a full-time job already!" have been running through my mind.

I've been busy, busy painting at this pretty little nightstand above.....

She's "gettin' her hair did" at Flo's place right now.
She'll be a pretty little thang shortly!

I've been scourin' the junk markets lookin' for junk. Cute junk, that is....

More Cute Junk....

And I've been filling up hub's truckbed on a weekly basis.
He's the cutest delivery guy I know!

T Minus 5 days......but more importantly
Happy Easter! We serve a risen Savior!


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