Saturday, April 16, 2011

Girls Gone Junkin'

We gave new meaning to the phrase "She's got JUNK in her trunk."

(sorry blinked ; )
We literally had junk in our trunk. We got up early and headed to Flint, Texas to attend the Gresham Barn Sale.....and a few other flea markets along the way. I'm always a little nervous when I go shopping with other women. My sister understands my shopping method. If I like what I see, I could stay hours....thinking....searching....and I don't stay side by side with the other person....I roam free. If I don't like the place, I'm out like 2000. Fortunately, we were really good shoppers together. We actually did take one look and flee one place (too expensive!) I quickly came home and got to work on some of my bargains....
I chalkboard painted several old trays I found.

I whitewashed some detailed trays.... I painted some old frames (the mirror I just finished, too!) And I scored this cute sidetable for super cheap!
All in all, one fun way to spend the morning!

Girls gone junkin'......


Keri said...

Ha, this made me smile. :D
Had fun shopping and we should do it again.

Vintage Restyled said...

Great finds! Hope they all end up in your store!

Heather said...

I love your new adventure and am sooo happy for you!! I must come to Athens to visit your booth soon. Also think we need to do a GW: Canton, antiquing, & your house. I've been talking to B for months about starting my own business/needing a creative outlet. Your courage to take this step has really inspired me.

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