Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Name? Uhhhh....

Here's a peek at a side table I worked on a little yesterday. Two washes - white and dark brown. Wax top coat coming..... Can you believe someone was selling this in a yard sale?
How dare. (Good for me though!)
My hang tags finally arrived! I think they are....okay. I definitely have an image of more creamy whiteness with swirly font on organic paper.......My hubs has been working on a custom "logo" ......but I needed something quick and these will do. I find it funny that when I was in the 8th grade "Goin' with the Flo" was the slogan I used to run for VP of our student council....and here it is again.....two decades later. It honestly wasn't the first choice for the name of this endeavor - I had so many other competitors for the title "F&B Road"......"Oscar & Mabel" (funny story behind that)......."It's So Very Cherry" (just kiddin...!)

BUT. When the time came to make a name, well, really I had about two seconds to decide on a name when the owner of W&T's said, "What will be the name of your booth?". In that two seconds, I decided to literally Go With the Flo. Go with what has worked. My blog's been named that for several years...so just go with it. Ironic.

I'm all giddy.

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