Monday, April 25, 2011

Thinking About My Girls....

This past Sunday, I took a break from painting and stood still for a day. I watched my little girls....two and six.....hunt eggs in sweet dresses. Wind blowing.....shrieks from Sophie saying, "I found it!" Wondering when Grace will decide she's too old to hunt eggs (she already found out who the "real" tooth fairy accident).

And tonight, my hubs and I sat back and discussed our lives. In brutal honesty, I'll just say, we examined it and figured by all the world's standards, we are not very accomplished. We are both teachers. Our bank account empties pretty quick each month. I just had to "undo" something I said I would "do" because of my lack of time and commmitment (I hate disappointing people). We haven't yet "saved the world" like you imagine you would by the time you are thirty. Let me just say, the words "we suck rotten eggs" came out from my mouth a time or two.....I know, fabulous vocabulary.

It's funny how sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. My hubs quickly reminded me in the middle of my pity party that in all the things that do matter, we "don't suck rotten eggs". We love each other. Our children are pretty decent kiddos. We create. We dream. We hope.

It's hard to examine your life. But in my "rotten egg" moment, I have to look at these pictures and remind myself what really matters. These girls. Our marriage. God's greatness showing through.......the good stuff.


Eastlyn and co. said...

Your girls are beautiful. You said it best yourself...your loving husband, beautiful family, the innocence of youth, taking the time to enjoy your children being children, acknowledging the role God plays in your lives...those are the things that really matter. Money is nice, but it isn't everything. With me working now, I admit it has been nice to be able to pick up a couple of "wants" at the grocery store instead of just the basic necessities. I'm really looking forward to buying underwear that's not sold 5 pair to a pack (6 if you count the bonus pair) for $7.96 LOL. The up side to having your money dwindle quickly from your account is that you had the money there in the first place! Easter blessings to you and your family.

Denise said...

You may be money poor, but you are love rich. If one had to choose, they'd definitely choose love... unless they were stupid and had very mixed up priorities.

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