Monday, July 4, 2011

Amigo #1

I hope everyone's 4th has been family, friends, and fun....fireworks, too. I spent the better part of last night finishing Amigo #1 so that I could be "paint free" on the 4th. This baby has three coats of clear wax & one dark wax finish. She's as smooth & soft as a baby's bottom.
Antibes Green Strikes Again!
I have to say, a friend and I had a small discussion on the "sell-ability" of this green. It'll take a very specific (ie. funky!) person to put a pop of this color in a room.....the only other Antibes Green piece I've done is the one I gave to my sister....and she's pretty funky! : )

I loved the original hardware....definite keeper!

These legs are beauty....

She's for sale at W&T's starting Wednesday.
Happy 4th ya'll - I'm off to see some fireworks!


The Garners said...

That is super cute, Flo! I love it! The colors in my house are so boring...I'd love to re-decorate and use something like that. The green is so cheerful and fun! Great work, as always! :) Happy 4th!

Gresham Barn Sale said...

I love the green, and I bet you will sell it quick! Hugs!

Carrie @ lovely etc. said...

I adore this shade of green. And that chest is to die for. (Not literally of course) It is such an attention-grabber I bet it sells fast.

Twice Nice said...

I LOVE funky stuff. It's great! Love the style of that chest. Deb

Miss Charming said...

What a beautiful piece! The color is lovely, too!

heidib said...

LOVE THIS GREEN!!! beautiful peiece!!!

Carrie @ lovely etc. said...

I am doing a round up of antibes green projects over at my blog and included links to some of your gorgeous projects. Your furniture redos are amazing.

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