Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Now I know.....

- and once you know, you are held accountable.

I am so sad that I cannot share pictures of the past two days. I've basically been crying for two days ..... And I never cry. To have a teenager beg you to help them go to school ....and knowing they are an orphan with no one to help them..... To hear about their lives and see their eyes light up when they talk about their art skills or love of science (yet knowing they are living in a children's prison with access to none of that) ...... To have tiny, shoeless, diaperless, dirty babies want nothing more than to be held and then to fall asleep immediately on your shoulder out of sheer exhaustion....... To see a child in a prison cell with no hope ..... to know that I am leaving and they know that.

There is and will be no excuse. I have seen.

Please donate to Sixty Feet. Much help is needed.

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Brett said...

You are a strong woman of God to share with us as well. Thank you Flo! Prayers, strength and love being sent your way!!

Nathan said...

Now you can understand when I say we ARE responsible!

BeechemBrightSpots said...

Wow, Flo! I know you guys are doing such great work...And it's gathering information to share with all of us! We're still praying for all of you! I know it must be emotionally draining as well! Love you!

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