Saturday, January 19, 2008

Death & Taxes? Not me.

Aren't taxes fun?? No, I mean it. I really think they are fun. Not that I do them....not that I even TRY to do them myself. But they bring out the nitpicker in me. The part of me that actually gets excited about paying bills and balancing my checkbook. Do I need to visit a doctor? Or better yet - a therapist?
OK. I'll admit. Last year, when my sister informed me of the WHOPPING $ amount her family was getting back, and around about the same time my husband informed me of the WHOPPING $ amount we had to pay in....I wasn't loving taxes. But every year, around this time, I always get excited about each little form I receive from work, church, banks, various accounts, etc.....that will all go forward to my little tax lady, who will then inform me of the monstrous amount we owe. I love it. I guess I love torture! But it all says to me -"Good job, Flo! You did it! On time! Here's your treat. Good dog!"

AND while we're on the topic of finances, I'll go ahead and give a plug to one of my favorite, all-time has helped me tons financial guru - Ol' Dave!
After being introduced to his Christian-based money theories on living totally debt free, Boog & I decided we wanted that freedom. It's been about two years with several bumps in the road, but we've worked our debt down to where by the end of 2008, the only payment we'll be making on ANYTHING is our house. And we'll start working on kicking that debt soon, too. It's been a struggle. We've had to "give up" alot of what the Jones's out there would call necessities.....we've reduced our standard of living a bit.....but you know what? We've never been happier. Or more stress-free. God really has blessed this decision in our lives.......It really is the way to go. As Dave says, "Live like no one else today, so you can live like no one else tomorrow!"

(OK, Dave....I've done my part for your ministry!)


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