Monday, January 21, 2008

No scary in-law stories here!

I have to admit. With all the scary in-law stories I've heard, I feel like I won some lottery contest of the in-law-world. So much so, that I feel a bit guilty and give tons of empathy to those who, well, have the "Everybody Loves Raymond" in-laws.

Mark & Rosemary
We've had the opportunity to live quite close to them for most of our married lives. And by close, I mean, 15 minutes away, after church lunches kind of close. She's the absolute best hostess in the world, and he's - well - he's Mark Ferrell. The twinkle in his eye says enough.
Oh there are plenty of days where Boog & I look at our life and think, "Well? Haven't we been here long enough?" I mean, Boog grew up in this town. He knows it like the back of his hand. But then, we think of our family, and decide that being close is something we should appreciate while we have it. Who knows? We could be uprooted to the mountains of Colorado or the plains of the mid-west tomorrow, if that's where God calls Boog. So right now I just enjoy the everyday family trials and laughs...hoping for more of the latter. And I thank his parents for teaching Boog how to be a wonderful husband & dad.

Me & Boog


Andi said...

Yes you do have the greatest in-laws! Yes you can definitely come and bring as many people as possible You can get the tickets at the paper, Brookshires, FSB, Coles, or the Chamber. They are $8 and if you buy at the door they are $10. Let me know and ill save ya some tickets.

Rosemary said...

I logged on your blog to show Bitty's picture and what a surprise to see those goofy inlaws - thanks for making us sound so good - we love you and appreciate what a great wife and mom you are (not to mention a great daughter-in-law)

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