Friday, January 18, 2008

Leaving the ol'myspace...entering "adult" world of blogging!

My sister's been on my case about husband's been on my case about it. Why can't they just leave me be? Or maybe it's because I try hard to overlook the questionable ads that are on myspace, but they're too blaringly THERE. Whatever it is - I've converted. I've switched. I've surrendered my post at myspace and come to the adult world of blogging. For those of you who care to follow, enjoy my pictures, posts, and the world in which I live. It's not fancy, it's not worthy of you even reading about probably, but it is MINE. And I love it.

First official post - my newfound love of Hobby Lobby and the 50% off of stems weekend. I've been looking for some greenery for my living room, and most of what I found were either horribly tacky or way too expensive. So thus, my "green" thumb of the waxed world got to try it out. Here's the result...not too shabby, eh?


A is for Angela said...

No, it's not too shabby, eh! Now leave me be and don't bother me with this tom foolery.


The Boyer's said...

Oh, I'm so glad you now have a blog..I will visit regularly!! And Angela's too. We must get together sometime soon when you have a break from school. Love the arrangement. I'm adding you to our blog. Have a fun weekend.

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