Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ladies Nite Out

The T.H.A.T. Sunday School class (Through Him All Things) at my church decided we needed a ladies night out last night! We all have little children......some work full-time.....but laughs and good girly conversation were something we all were looking forward to - all of which was supplied. I love these ladies because they are REAL. No fuss. And they are all Godly women that have a wonderful spirit. I loved the fact that our whole night was full of confidence boosting, "I'm so glad you go through that,too" moments, "you can't take us anywhere" moments, and even "I'm NOT paying $13 for a popcorn & coke" moments. REAL.

We went to the Popourri House in Tyler. I had their famous spinach salad & the Chicken Seattle. (Which was strangely not that great....I don't recommend it!)
My good friends Chrissy & Andi
We topped off the night by seeing "27 Dresses" It was okay.....a few too many bad words that weren't neccessary...and a couple of really hokey moments.....but I did laugh at this part where her & the really cute guy she hates/loves sing "Benny & the Jets".

All in all, good girl fun. Don't we all need that?


Anonymous said...

It was great fun and big laughs. I think we all know each other atleast a little better...that is what is was all about. Great pictures Flo!

Heather said...

Looks like you had a great time..I want to see 27 dresses. Yummy strawberry/spinach salad!

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