Tuesday, January 22, 2008

If my house caught on fire....

....these would be just a few of the treasured things I would try and save. (Let's just assume Grace & Boog were safely outside!) Ok. Well, if Grace & Boog were safe, I honestly wouldn't RISK MY LIFE to get any of these items. But the thought is nice.....and they would be terribly missed.

This is my grandma's recipe box. Everything is written by hand...she refers to butter as "oleo". It reminds me of what a wonderful cook & baker she was. A great little lady.
Here's the box that Boog had my ring in when he proposed to me. He did it in Gruene, Texas, underneath a great, old oak tree. He could of used the box the ring actually came in, but he's always a little more creative than that. It actually is similar to the person he is....rugged, Texan, and the knot reflects his commitment? Okay...I might be stretching the metaphor.

What a creative genius my sister is! And this is one of my absolute favorite birthday presents ever. She spent months digitally designing this photo album of Grace throughout her first three years. Each page is like a little Picasso! She's pretty darn good at it. I tell her she should go into business all the time. In fact, she did my header for my blog in like 10 minutes! Check out her blog sometime at http://www.aisforangela.blogspot.com/

Last, but not least, it looks a bit odd to put furniture on my "save" list. And I definitely would NOT go back into a fire to save this, but it is treasured. Neither house Boog & I have lived in have had a pantry....they both were old houses. (Seriously, did people not store food back then?) Anyhoo, I had this piece made for our first house. Boog tried to sell it along with the house....a buyer's perk if you will...and it quickly became one of our first ridiculous arguments. But I love it....I love that it looks old, but is new. I love that I designed it. Heck, I'd marry it if it asked. Just kiddin, Boog!


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