Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Real cries. know what I'm talking about - the difference between a fake cry from your child and a real one. You know when they are whining versus the "mom, I'm really hurting" cry. Well, it's been a hectic night tonight. Wednesdays always are. I teach a full day, then I'm off the teach GA's at my church. Boog has his youth Wednesday night stuff, Grace has Mission Friends. We're doing good to chug down a few McD's cheeseburgers for supper. You know...those kind of nights. Anyway, after getting her to bed, exhausted and ready for bed myself, I hear a REAL cry. Not one that is asking for a drink of water. But a real cry. Entering Grace's room, I fully expect to hear a story of a bumped head or bent finger, but instead she says, "I miss daddy."I grab the phone and dial Boog's cell, hoping to catch him so he can offer a word of comfort. When he answers, she sweetly says, "Daddy, I want to hug you and say a prayer with you."

Well, now....WHO can resist that? I need to run out a get her a new teddy bear.

Grace & her daddy


A is for Angela said...

Maybe Boog should re-think those basketball commitments!

That's so sad!!

The Garners said...

so sweet!!!

I think R has that SAME parents got it for him for Christmas and he sleeps with it every night. We laugh when we hear him winding it up on the monitor before he goes to sleep. It's saved us $$$$$ in batteries!

Pal said...

Great site,Florence! I didn't know you were such a good writer and commentator. Love,Dad

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