Sunday, January 20, 2008

TAG - My testimony!

I'm making a new TAG game for the blogger world. A Testimony Tag- if you will! I realized that all these postings gave me info into many people's lives, but didn't give me info about the best story they could possibly EVER tell! So I'm tagging 4 people to give their testimony story...if they care to share. I'd love to hear them!

My testimony:
I didn't neccessarily grow up in a Christian home, but thankfully, due to a very influential grandmother and some great friends, I always was a frequent visitor at my local church. I got 'saved' at 14, and I do think that the Holy Spirit began His walk with me then. But honestly? I wasn't paying much attention to Him. I bounded along on my own...thinking I was doing okay. But it wasn't until as a junior at Texas A&M....and a roomate moving....and a new (gasp!freshman!) roomate moving in.....that she, Sandy, helped me see the light. Her light & love for the Lord drew me in. I realized my own walk was hollow. And I began my relationship with Jesus. It wasn't perfect. I definitely still had growing to do. And when I met my future husband, his "solid as an oak" family taught me even more about Christ. When we took our vows, I remember our pastor's challenge. Boog was to present me to Christ looking more like Jesus because he's been my husband and has challenged me spiritually....and I was to support him to be the man God's called him to be. In a nutshell, as God's placed a calling into the ministry for Boog...I'll be tested through and through on that challenge! So there's my testimony. God Bless!

Testimony TAG:
1) Heather
2) Andi
3) Jamie
4) Angela


Andi said...

Love this...should we tag here or on our own sites? By the way I just found out about the reflux thing last week as well. Yes I will be at your house at 5:30 can't wait! I'll have to be sure and take my camera! Have a great week and by the way thanks for making me addicted to blogging!

The Garners said...

Thanks for sharing--I love this idea! I'm going to do my testimony on my blog when I'm not so sleepy!

Heather said...

Love this too..I'll post soon on our site. Also, will send you a pic soon if your friend truly doesn't mind helping me with a new header. :)

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