Monday, March 24, 2008

"He Lives, He Lives, Christ Jesus Lives Today!...."

The Easter Hat, of course!

On Easter Sunday, I always feel my grandma, especially on songs like "He Lives!" which are strong memories of mine growing up from her church. I remember her giving me a quarter to put in those tiny envelopes to place in the plate as it passed by.....staring up at the one tiny crack in the sanctuary's giant dome stained glass ceiling.....and I remember her steady love for the Lord. Then, I think of Grace....she's the only real way I can relate and feel God's sacrifice that day.....I wouldn't sacrifice my only daughter for anyone. Not a soul. In fact, I'd be like a raging momma bear in order to not have her hurt.

Speaking of Grace, here are some pictures of her in action.

Go, Grace, Go!

School Easter Egg Hunt

On the beautiful last Saturday before I headed back to work, my family got "to work" in the yard together. Rather, I moseyed around weeding while Boog did most of the backbreaking labor. He is a rather good lawn guy...I probably should pay him more than I do.

The Yard's New "Do"

And now, it's back to school time. I'm just thinking, "Only 9 more weeks, only 9 more weeks!..."Unfortunately for me, these "9 more weeks" consist of teacher-frenzy things such as field day, dunk the teacher booths, classroom parties, end of school craziness....oh the fun!

I hope your Easter was memorable and reflective!


The Garners said...

Grace looks so very sweet! I love her hat!

SuperMom said...

Oh no. The hat has got to go.

Heather said...

Very cute pics..we love to do yardwork too!! So glad you had a good spring break and Easter. I love the story about your grandmother. Didn't she live in Paris?

Keri said...

You and Boog can come over to our yard anytime. I always have weeds that need picked.

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