Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Elections & Breakfast

Got up this morning and hit the weights. (Yawn....I'm typing this eating my oatmeal and pondering my day.) At our gym, the tv is constantly on Fox News....not so bad, it could be worse. Anyhoo, it was all about the primary elections today. Of course. So as I was 'rep'ping away, I tried to think of a time when we've had a candidate that has really done something other than promise "change", "public school reform", "lower taxes", etc.,etc. all the usual hoohah. Not saying all the candidates are bad.....just when has a true revolution occurred in our political offices lately?

My hubby says when have the people truly started praying for a revolution. And that if we sincerely believed in the power of our God, that we'd be on our knees constantly.

I'm just eating oatmeal, here, but I think he's onto something......go vote.


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