Friday, March 21, 2008

Girly stuff - advice anyone?

So my sister's family came to visit over Spring Break, and of course, she & I waxed poetic about everything from "what summer clothes are we needing?" (new khaki shorts and a pair of black Rainbow flip-flops were at the top of my list), to "what are my spiritual gifts? I have none....", to "motherhood trials, errors, and small but major achievements". She always provides honest dialogue.......and to her credit, I think that is one of her spiritual gifts. Honesty. Always. No matter what.

So our conversation turned to the aging it sometimes does now that we are both in our 30's. We were, I'll admit, a bit of sun-worshippers in our youth.....I baked, baked, and baked and I don't mean in the kitchen! Beaches, lakes, sports, wherever I could get a tan, I would. I never really did the tanning bed too much...but I did a few times. Anyhoo, all that "baking" has left me needed a good facial regimen to get my skin back in shape.

Can anyone recommend one? I have used in the past: Clinique, Arbonne (loved it, but it's pricey), Pro-activ (to help my minor breakouts), and various over-the-counter brands. But what works? What doesn't? Or should I even bother?

Arbonne's Re-9 line

Regardless of that last question, if anyone is willing to share their faves in the skincare department, I'd love to know. What do you use daily? What do you love? Do you get facials regularly? Dermatologist junkies?

My skin thanks you in advance.


Keri said... .

I read this article on yahoo. It talks about natural, inexpensive, tips for skin care from the inside.

Heather said...

I use Purpose facewash and Oil of Olay. I've been going to a dermatologist since highschool and they say not to waste your money on the high dollar stuff. I also have a prescription cream to prevent breakouts.

Anonymous said...

I love Arbonne! I've been using it for years and I see a difference if life gets to hectic and I don't use it for a while and then start again. My skin feels and looks so much better after just a few uses!

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