Friday, June 12, 2009

How Long Will This Last?

A giggling girl.
Hands clasping her face.
A favorite dress.
The picture perfect moment.
Sweetness personified....

Grace & I went on a "date" last night.
She said, "I've never been on a date before!"
We dressed up. She wore a skirt to match mine. In the beginning of the movie, we put on our 3D glasses, and she slapped me on my shoulder and said, "This is amazing!"
I'm glad I took the time for it to be just Gracie & I again.....we don't get much of that these days.
It all goes by so fast.


The Garners said...

That is such a sweet, sweet looks like the cover of a book or something!

Andi said...

Great photo of Gracie!!! She is such a doll. It is so great having that one on one with your children. It makes them feel so special I think!

Having It All said...

What a sweet picture!

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