Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a Small Blogger-world!

Sometimes I need a little reminding that I have a brain. I know when I'm focused on the wrong things. I know when I'm doing well in certain areas. I know areas that need help (there are too many). I know when I'm lying on my deathbed, the last words out of my mouth will NOT be ...."If I could only blog one more time....." (Fun image, huh?)

But I also know that God gave us joy. passion. creativity. And all of it flows through us from Him. The Zumba certification didn't happen. I didn't think about Zumba. I liked it, but that was about it. But what did happen, was I somehow got started doing this furniture refurbishing thing and well.....passion happened. I truly enjoy it.....and I haven't had a passionate hobby in a while. I look forward to each new piece and the process of finding it, restoring it, then saying goodbye.

.....AND meeting new people in the process.....enter Mavis & Harriet. This sweet woman scours yard sales and sells her "finds" on her blog. Prices are good, so I began to follow close.

Low and behold, this little sweetie recently came up......

It's adorable as is, but I plan to "Flo" it up a bit!
I hopped on the phone. To my surprise, it was still available *yippee*! As I was giving her my name, she stopped and asked......"Are you Flo Ferrell from the blog?" Why yesssssss! And here we go on a brief, but interesting conversation about how we both read each other's blogs. She was sweet, and I could tell, a kindred spirit. She mentioned reading about Amazima Ministries off my link and telling her husband about the amazing story of Katie.......what a deal! A story of a woman doing God's work being passed by word of blog. I sort of feel it was God's way of telling me, "Dear one, I'm going to get the glory. Find joy in that."

Mavis & Harriet also have other precious finds - that aqua bed is just too cute! Go take a peek!

More Finds From Mavis & Harriet


Keri said...

She does have some great items at really good prices. I visit there often myself. :)
I saw one of her ads on craigs a day before you posted her blog link on yours.

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