Friday, March 18, 2011

Starting Early

Olsen Field in Aggieland!
As parents, we always are teaching our children the important things in life: God's love & sacrifice......what a healthy marriage looks like.....being a good friend......integrity.....things of that nature. Well, in the Ferrell household, we feel it's an obligation to fit all things "Aggie" into that list. Another Spring Break? Why.....another teachable moment! Baseball in Aggieland!

Boog Looks REALLY Enthused!
We took the girls on a guided tour of Aggieland, showing them stuff they want to do now.....

The Coolest Rock Climbing Wall Ever

And stuff they'll want to do later....
Climbing the Silver Taps pole in front of the Academic Building
Stuff they'll need to know.....
The tradition of Placing a Penny at the Foot of Sully for Good Luck on Tests
(this one had some Mardi Gras action!)

The Century Tree....Where Fellow Aggies Propose to their Mrs. To Be
(if she says yes!)

We showed them ways they could get their college paid for.....
Swimming/Diving Scholarship! Holla!
And we showed them their legacy.....
2 Parents, One Aunt, One Uncle are Graduates of A&M
I'm hoping some of our early efforts will pay off!


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