Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pride Comes Before The Fall

Shaun Groves blogged about his experience going from his old flip phone, to a Smart Phone, and back to the old.

Ahhhh......a fellow comrad. Where the texting world is incredulously slow, you still "flip" your phone to answer, and touch screen? Ha. I spit on my finger and clean my screen. That's the only touch it receives. My friends laugh because there's a 50-50 chance my phone is not only turned off, it's dead. And if I need a phone, I usually just borrow my hubs'. I'm not a tech person. I'm not addicted to my phone. I don't scroll at the table. My attention is where it should be.....I was feeling pretty good about myself (that pride thing really sneaks up on you, can't it?) when all of the sudden I realized........

.....wait. Good gosh. I might not be 'touch screen-scrollin' all the time, but I've got a definite desire to check the ol'blog. Check my email. What's going on in Facebook world? Craiglist, anyone?

My friend once told me that she did her bible reading online, but then realized, her children don't know what she's doing on the computer. To them, it still looks like "mommy's on the computer again". There's a slew of articles in Time every week about the long term affects of our addictive, constant-communication but no "real" communication society. It's a scary world when my husband can ask his highschool class how many of them have received a genuine "I'm proud of you" verbally.....not in text form......and not a single hand was raised.

My pride unswelled when I checked the log in my own eye. Thanks Shawn Groves!

But still.....long live the flip phone!


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