Monday, March 21, 2011

Quiche and Qousins

Here's the Quiche....
Here's the Qousins....

Here's My Quties!
I qould play on that "C" sound forever......qlass. Qlown. Yes.

It's Springtime and gone are the big, chunky casseroles and heavy stews. In come the quiches! They're quick, easy, and even my hubs admits he likes them
(they're the quintessential girl food, right?)

We had Grace's cousin Landrie over for the last of the Spring Break weekend. My sister and I....we don't know how to produce boys....but we sure know how to produce pretty girls!
I am a bit partial though.

Basic Quiche Recipe:
1 frozen pie crust
saute some chopped onions, minced garlic, and any veggie
(I use broccoli, squash or whatever's 'round the house....chop into little pieces)
Put the sauted items at the bottom of the pie crust
Add cooked chicken (I use about 2 breasts, cut into chunks)
Mix 1 cup milk and 3 eggs, salt & pepper
pour in the crust
Sprinkle a heap of grated cheddar
Bake at 400 for 20 min. Reduce to 300 and bake another 10-15 min.
It's ready when the center is firm. Cool 5 min.

*PS* The buffet is still available! I've had tons of emails on it, but no 'official' buyer yet. The Goodwill drop leaf table is nearing finishing, too. Check back for the drawing!


brotherboog said...

Gooooo! Why do I get to hang with such beautiful girls all the time!!!!? I-LOVE-MY-LIFE!!! Thank you for teaching them real beauty, babe.

Keri said...

Looks yummy! Just wish Trevor liked quiche. Oh well. I eat it when I get the chance.

Jenna said...

Looks yummy! I agree that you guys make some beautiful girls...they are just precious! And by the way I love the way your furniture is turning out. Want to teach a class sometime...that would be a fun girls night!!:)

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