Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh Let Me Remember....

The funny things these precious girls say:
Grace: "The ghost is clear!"
Sophie: "It's not MY birthday!" (quoting Dora)
Grace: "It's in the liv-in-it room"
Sophie: "Old McDonald had a farm and Bingo was his name-o"
Grace: "Jose can you see...." "through the peril-let's fight!" (the Star Spangled Banner)
Sophie: "No....I'M Beezus!" "No....I'M Mona!"
Grace: "I live in Star Harver" (it's really Star Harbor)
Sophie: "I want trock-trick milk" .....yes, she means what you think!
Oh my goodness. Kids make life fun, don't they?


The Keltons said...

Lucy calls Cheerios...Charlie Toes!! Isn't it precious the things they say. I know I will miss this one day. Gotta write it all down.

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