Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gone is the Summer

There just aren't words to express how fast this summer has flown. Sophie mastered jumping into the pool by herself. Grace mastered driving a golf cart all by herself (with momma driving right behind!). Boog & I survived another summer together........even enjoyed it a bit. ; )

Life is truly but a vapor. As I was driving (alone) in my car the other day, I was challenging myself with that verse. And it was brought up again during our Sunday School class. Life is but a vapor. It's fleeting. It feels so all-encompassing-important "I've got to go school shopping" "I've got to clean my house" but in the big scope of things, not one single person will remember my name in two or three generations. I'll be long gone. Long forgotten. I, and my list of to-do's, are not as important as I think.

Fun, stuff, huh? (and you thought this was a breezy "summer's over" post!) The only breezy this post has is the breeze I will feel if life passes by without me relishing this time with my little girls and the husband of my youth - all while chasing what the Lord has for us to do with clearness and singleness of heart ( I read that on a blog and thought it was great....)

I'm ready to chase. Breeze on summer.....


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