Friday, August 12, 2011

One Full Booth!

I'm thinkin "Goin' with the Flo" needs to have a sale! My booth is the fullest it's been in a while....sure school's starting so everyone's thinking "new school clothes", not "let's purchase that big piece of furniture I've been wanting". : )

Full is good though. With my own self starting back to work in t-minus 3 days and counting, I'm satisfied knowing that I don't have to worry about an empty space. Here's a few pics of the fullness.......


paperjunk-lc said...

Wish I could get to Athens this weekend to see all your additions.
I bought your fab green toolbox last month. Still not sure where it's going in my house but I see it's future with poinsettias at Christmas.

Cindy said...

Oh boy, i would love to come play in your booth! I can't even believe you still have that buffet - it's incredibly wonderful!


Anonymous said...

How much is the buffet in the first picture??

Brandy said...

Hey Flo!
Is that yellow dresser in your booth painted ASCP Arles? I've been wanting to see that color in person!

I hope your transition back to school goes smoothly!


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