Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nice Hair...& iPhone Woes

Ok. I admit. I got the glorious iphone for Africa, so that I wouldn't have to pack my huge (albeit really nice) Rebel camera. Rebel has gone unused and blog pics have suffered.

Not that the iphone isn't great - it is. Convenient. The touch screen is smooth like butter....there's so many things to swoon about. But picture quality? Not so great when you need to upload to a blog. Great when you are viewing in the tiny screen.......

HENCE all that to say - I've become iphone lazy. I simply don't take my Rebel anywhere! And on great occasions like girls getting their 'school cuts'.....I really should know better.

As cute as they are (and their new do), the picture quality just isn't the same. I shoulda known.

Grace Loves the Bob!

Sophie Getting Her Endless Hair Trimmed!
Iphone peeps - Can you please fix this glitch??


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