Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Sons & Daughter

This has been the most spiritually and emotionally challenging two weeks of my life. Processing it all will take a while...... Returning back to "life" without extreme feelings of guilt over my hot water, washing machines, toilets, clean water, fluffy beds, and plumbing will be difficult.

Children waiting to eat their morning porridge out of a big bucket......

In the beginning of the trip, I had many judgmental thoughts. "There's all these people just sitting..... Why can't they clean up their streets?" or "Why can't the government do something about its own poverty?". Yes. I thought these things.

But until I saw the eyes and held the hands of tiny, innocent children who have gone to bed with empty stomaches too many times to count .... sinful judgement proved me a fool. I have not gone to bed hungry. I have never been made a slave by my stepmom. Nor beaten, raped, or allowed to live like a dog, foraging for food in a dump.

I am ashamed.

It could be easy to forget. I can enter back in and re-start the consumerism. Except now..... I have Walter, Manuel, Isaac and Maria ..... My sons and daughters in Christ..... To help me remember. I can't wait to tell you about each if them.....

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