Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bullet blogging

For lack of anything real interesting to blog about today, I'll post these funny moments from Grace this week in bullet-format. ( I'm gettin' crazy! )

  • On Tuesday, Grace came home from school with a frowny face. This is rare for her, so Boog gave her the opportunity to tell him what she did wrong. (Her teacher,Tina, had already informed us that Grace had shoved another boy in line at school, but he just wanted to know details from know, interrogation.) Anyhoo, in tears and knowing she was about to receive a big spanking from daddy, she said.....and I quote, "There were fools in front of me and fools behind me!" ( Mr. T, anyone?? )

  • This week I showed Grace how to wipe like a big girl when pottying. My sister-in-law (a nurse) said that this was the age where little girls started to get urinary tract infections alot because they wipe the wrong way. So now, Grace just thinks she's such the big girl! In fact, when we were in Dallas last night at Chip's restaurant, she even stood up and demonstrated in front of everyone exactly how she does it! Wonderful!

  • And cap off our week, Grace always surprises me with how she really understands certain lessons I'm trying to teach her. Sometimes, when we're headed home for lunch or dinner, she'll say, "Mommy, I want to go to a restaurant." I then inform her that we don't always get to go out to eat.....for one it cost money and we have to earn money. I've even gone as far as to get her to help me do chores around the house, and she'll earn a quarter to spend on a gumball machine....(I'm trying to make use of the days when a quarter actually means something to her!). So we were in Dallas last night and her daddy had bought her a little monkey pillow to use when she falls asleep in her car seat. As soon as she sees me, she says...."Mommy, can I help you do laundry so I can earn this?".........well, it's nice to know some things I say don't just go in one ear and out the other!

    We painted nails the other night. Here's a pic of Grace letting her fingers & toes dry....and the finished product!


Andi said...

She is such a funny girl!

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