Thursday, February 7, 2008

Calgon take me away!

The beautiful view from my in-law's back porch

Work. Church. Life. Hubby. Children. Home. Laundry. Dishes. Taking make-up off. New puppy (Steph, thanks for your words of encouragement....I don't know if I'm 100% the puppy type yet - more of the old dog, lay around type!). Wal-mart. Shaving legs. Working out. Blow drying & straightening hair. Cleaning food off the floor around where my child ate. Laundry. Making beds. Dusting. Paperwork. Taxes. Thinking of meals to prepare. Grocery shopping. Folding clothes. Putting clothes away. Laundry....wait, has that made the list already?

Ladies, you know the list goes on & on & on & on & on.........I know. I'm totally grateful that I have these things on my list. But if you'll just give me one iota of a second to say - today I'm tired. Up at 5:30....worked out .....did my Sunday School ready....taught 18 wild children...tutored afterschool until home....hubby not feeling 100%.....went to grocery store to get chicken noodle soup & to Grace from the Wal-Mart baby catalog (she's picked that "book" 3 nights in a row now. Totally into baby, I tell ya!), I'm staring at the unfolded laundry that sits, waiting, in my dryer - putting more pressure on me....screaming "I'm wrinkled! Come get me!"......I even think I took a minor 10 minute nap at 7:00 while Grace completely covered me in blankets.

Needless to say, this day was tiring. But this picure above of my in-law's spectacular view reminds me of what I'm looking forward to......Spring. Summer. The warm months. VACATION!

I shall go to bed now, dreaming sweet vacation dreams. Good night.


Anonymous said...

Keith and I read this blog this evening and he keeps saying, "Flo is funny!" :)

Anonymous said...

just one tip for the food on the floor, if it's not a big mess, let the dog clean it up. Bri figured this out at an early age.

SuperMom said...

You forgot to mention the part where your sister called and begged you to come to Waco and keep her entertained while her husband is out of town, and, oh yeah, do you mind babysitter her two little rugrats while you're there??

Sorry! I could tell you were tired and I guess I only added to that.

SuperMom said...

correction: I meant to say "babysitting" not babysitter....

was I really an English major????

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