Monday, February 4, 2008

Our Father knows best

Do you ever look back and think about if you had gotten what you "wanted" that it would have been so awful??? So terribly the wrong thing. So horribly inadequate to what you have now, that you almost are embarrassed for even wanting it in the first place? But then, you know that it all is His grace and mercy that allowed you to come to that place of realization.....and you are humbled at the whole darn thing!?

I'm thankful that God knows me better than to give me all my "wants". Kind of like a child begging for candy when the parent knows it's not good for them. A good Father says no sometimes, right?

I remember desiring to have this big city career and make a name for myself. God knew better than to give that to me.....he knew I would be missing this revelation right now and the joy He had in store for me in a different direction. Our Father knows best.

I remember when Boog & I first got married....the wants we had were so misplaced. And to be perfectly honest, God actually .....humored us, if you will.......and gave us what we "wanted".....knowing that once we got it, it would be so hollow in comparison to Him that we would come running back. Again, God's the ultimate wise Father.

We try to make it on our own (the prodigal son)......after finding our wants void of anything worthwhile.... we find God, our Father, RUNNING towards us, giving us mercy & grace....desiring for us to come home.

It befuddles me to think of that picture of Love that only He could create.


Andi said...

Wonderful blog...thanks Flo

Anonymous said...

I didn't really realize we have a similar story. I, too, dreamt of the big city career with the business degree, working in a sky scraper, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. God gave this to me and it was the opposite of what I wanted. God always knows best and I am utterly grateful to be a stay-at-home mommmy! :)

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