Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When did things get so expensive??

So tonight....after putting Grace to bed, I decided to take one quick hop on the internet to find some bargains for Grace on-line at Old Navy (hey, you can't beat $5 shipping!). Needless to say, one quick hop started a myriad of "searching for a dress to wear to a summer event" and "finding some cute tops". You know, the basic eye candy for women stuff!

Anyhoo, I go to JCrew.com - just to see what they have to offer in the dress department. OH my goodness. Am I old? Or has it been that long? Or maybe my sense of outrageousness has peaked a little. I mean, I used to shop at this place. But when I came across this precious little dress, I scrolled down and gulped when I saw the price......$335. Let me say that again $335.

Here's the little offender!

A little bit of ridiculousness here. I totally remember shopping at this store maybe 5 years ago, when it was within driving distance, and being able to buy a pair of jeans for $58. Now, they're $98. Shorts there used to cost $28. Now, they're $48. Has inflation gone that far in 5 short years? What's next? $30 Hanes underwear?

I don't mean to offend anyone. If you can afford this, I'm really a happy for you. And let's just make note, I'm not a cheapskate.... on certain things. Furniture, cookware...things that I won't get tired of after 3 wears. I've even said the phrase, "When you buy quality, you only cry once." But when it comes to clothing, the only quality I'm looking for is, can I bend down and play trashball with 4th graders in this?

Old Navy....Tar-jay...you rock! Don't let the inflation man bring you down...I mean, up. : )


Anonymous said...

Tell me about it! Some stores are jacking up their prices even worse than inflation would demand. As an aside note, have you tried http://www.gatheringguide.com/ec/bridal_shops_dresses.html yet? Support some local businesses and see if they'll cut you a deal.

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