Saturday, February 16, 2008

How do you "dog people" do it? Really.

Let me rephrase. How do you "inside dog people" do it? Really. Because I REALLY want to know. I'm typing this blog, smelling my fingers, after I've already washed them three times, just knowing that I still smell that wet doggy smell.

Let me explain. And then I want answers people. Real answers.

Today started out easy, but got really busy quick. One phone call from Boog, and mine & Grace's girls weekend turned into a "help make lunch & dinner for 60 Disciple Now kids" Saturday. I didn't mind at all.....I enjoyed helping out & got a great laugh at some really nasty relay races they did after lunch. However, after being gone most of the day.....and it was pouring all day long.....Grace & I came home to let Boo out of his kennel. We had put him in our garage so he wouldn't get soaking wet. I fed him. Then I gave him a bath that he so desperately needed. OK. Here's the part where my question comes into play.

I didn't want Boo to be outside in the nasty, rainy weather....especially after just having a bath. I also didn't want to put him directly back in his kennel, because he had already been there all day. So I let him inside...........for about an hour. UNTIL my nose couldn't take it anymore.....I could swear on my right thumb that my house was starting to reek of wet dog. I had dried him off thoroughly, but I could still smell it. That yucky smell. Now, as I type this, I've put Boo back in his kennel, vaccuumed like it was my vacuum's last hurrah, and I just know I can still smell little wet dog smells lurking.............

My heart is divided. On one side, I enjoy having a dog, but I definitely don't like a dog in my home. People are in homes. Dogs are outside. Those are my rules according to my clean freak nature! But on the other hand, I hate leaving a dog by himself in a kennel all day. And sometimes, it's too cold or rainy (like today) to get outside and go play with a dog. Or much of the time, we're just plain not at home a lot of the day.

So what's a girl to do?? What's the answer? Do you "inside dog people" (Stephanie, Heather....anyone else pipe in please!) just have doggies that don't smell? If so, where can I get one? Or do you just not let them get dirty? If so, how? Or do you just overlook it because you love them so much? If so.......then I just give up.

This is a super long post when I really should be posting pictures of tremendous Godly things that are going on......Boog's already said 8 kids have made decisions at Disciple Now and everything has gone smoothly.....I should be writing about that. Instead, I write about the hard, dog-phobic crazy person I seem to be. I need help!


SuperMom said...

The conversation should start off like this: "Boog, it's me or the dog....."

The end.

Your loving, non-dog person,

P.S. Your outside dog will end up like Sully.

Heather said...

Flo..I am probably not the person to give you advice on fur people as we can them in the McCoy household. We've had inside dogs since I was little. Jaxon doesn't shed to much and really doesn't get to stinky. He also gets groomed every 6-8 weeks. Sorry, I'm not much help..I love all dogs!! I hope it gets better soon.

Andi said...

Flo, Labs have a oil in their skin that has a not so pleasant odor. Some are worst than others. You really have to find a good shampoo that works best for Boo and a good schedule due to the fact that the more often they get wet the more oil the skin produces. My advice is not to worry about him when he is outside because he is tougher than you think. Good Luck.


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