Friday, February 15, 2008

Just the two of us...

This weekend is Boog's first Disciple Now, so he was quite stressed & busy this whole week getting ready for that event. So Grace and I get to enjoy some girl time this weekend - just the two of us! Tonight we popped some popcorn, got into our jammies, snuggled in a nice, warm blanket, and rented "Babe".

Now, I know. You're saying, "Flo....that movie is like 400 years old." My answer is, the Ferrell family does not watch much TV (our household is actually pretty quiet a lot of the time!) For Grace's first 3 years of life, the only movie she's ever owned is "Nemo" which, too, is about 200 years old. Call us insane, call us weird, but we really do like to spend most of our evenings either reading or talking (or blogging) or doing things around the house w/o the TV on. It actually makes me a little crazy if there's TV noise in the background too much. (I I really ready for a 2nd child??)

So I'm sure one day Grace will catch up and see all the movies she's missed, but for now, we're catching up on the old, old, old movies. She's in bed now, and we made it through the whole thing. It was really cute!

Thanks Ang, for recommending this one. Seeing how our day started off (.....a frazzling, hectic "promising Grace a donut, then not having time, then dropping her off at school, then making a U-turn to go back & pick her up to go eat donuts together", while calling my principal who - having 3 kids of his own - is merciful and gracious ALL the time....), that movie & girl time was MUCH needed!


The Garners said...

What a fun girls' night!

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