Monday, February 11, 2008

Picasso extraordinaire!

(Left) Uncle Carey - a sketch by Grace (2008)
(Right) Head - a sketch by Picasso (1953)

Art dealers, here's your next big name! Grace Ferrell - a budding Picasso! OK. I hate to be the braggart parent, (really, I do....can't you tell?) but this little sketch has GOT to be the best little sketch ever from a 3 year old! Look at the head, the eyes, the belly button, the kneecaps!

And to top it off, she identified her muse....her inspiration.....good ol' Uncle Carey! I'm sure even Picasso sketched some crazy uncles in his day, too.

I'll continue to post more of her collections.
Please, no autographs.

The budding artist

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