Sunday, February 3, 2008

Curbed Addictions

Addictions. Hmmmm. Let me ponder that for a moment. I've had many, but I'll stick with the winners at the top of my list.

#1 Before Grace, I would say I had an addiction to shopping. (Hey, living in the Big"D", with a little money to spare, and a husband who was often working weekends.... one of those alone could give a girl the need to shop!) That addiction was quickly curbed by moving to a small town with no shopping, husband switching careers, and baby being born.
Shopping addiction curbed.

#2 After moving to small-town U.S.A., I would have to say my addiction was decorating. (Or trying to decorate....sometimes I think I'm short one brain cell in that area!) We had a nice, big house that looked like it was right out of a Southern Living magazine. It was good times getting that place all gussied up. After living there for a few years, we moved into a house that was half the size, and we had to store or give away many of our decorations. Now my tiny home has just enough room for everything........but not room for much of anything else.
Decorating addiction forcibly curbed.

#3 Working out. In college (Gig'em!), I worked out at our fantastic rec center everyday - 2 pm, 2 am, whenever I could. At one point, I think I had signed up for 3 kinesiology classes in one semester - BACK TO BACK., then off to a hour of weight lifting, then an hour of aerobics. Not smart. Anyhoo, after baby, it took a while for me to get back to the gym. She's 3 now and I'm just now hitting the gym regularly - which I intend to keep this habit up. No flabby arms here! I'm no longer psycho about it, just smart.
Work out addiction, managed.

#4 TV? Nope, not an addiction. I instead BLOG. (Dear Pastor Nathan, if you read this, I will make an appt. with you to help me overcome this addiction!) Blogging has become a habit for me. I enjoy it & love reading other blogs. It takes me maybe 20 min.....well, not this one....but usually 20 minutes flat to get one written, pics uploaded, and published. So no, I'm not letting Grace suffer too much. Well, does her thinking I have a job that requires computer time count?? I don't know.
Blogging addiction very much not-curbed.

#5 Addiction to anything that has the word "Santa Fe" , "Fajita", "Queso", "Sauted Bell Peppers", and "Taco Salad". I don't care where I go, I'll usually order something that has one of these 5 words in it. I don't try to expand my palate - I love my palate as it is. It could be much worse, I know. So no....
Spicy Food addiction NOT curbed.

All that to say, that since #1 has been curbed for quite a while now, whenever I do get the chance to shop (which is rare, thanks to Dave Ramsey!) I tend to get quite excited! So I've held onto these little precious gems, just waiting for that perfect shopping day when the skies are blue, the birds are singing, the sales are going, and Boog's a babysittin'.....
What to purchase with these? Now the lower one...the range is limited. I usually will just get my very favorite Body By Victoria $12 each they are ridiculously expensive, but ridiculously comfortable! But with the above, I wonder should I buy a cute little dress, like below? Accessories? Who knows?

This would look so cute with summer clothes!

So much to think about (and try on)! Do you get this excited about gift cards?


Andi said...

You are to funny....well Dr. said I had a bad urinary tract infection and gave me some lovely medicine to take 4 times a day. Hopefully it will kick in soon...haha! Have a great week.

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