Friday, February 8, 2008

It's crazy 'round here!

Fun, fun Friday nights. Don't you love 'em? In highschool, Friday nights meant one thing - football. Cheering for your sweaty, stinky boyfriend as he makes(or doesn't make) a touchdown. Then, in college, hopefully you've attended your classes that day, so you can earn the right to go out with friends. Albeit, most of the time you go regardless. And in your married years? You got it. Check out these fancy pics below.

Now who can think of anything more exciting? Boog & I decided to get into our PJ's, order pizza from our new Domino's pizza (don't laugh you big citiers!), and watch a very old but goody Bridget Jones's Diary. My hubby happens to like the occassional chick flick (When Harry Met Sally, anyone?), so I always have a movie partner. He's still a little under the weather, so we might not make it through the whole thing.

And Boog, waiting patiently for me to finish my blog, is reading his ALL-TIME, he says "most favoritest book ever".....something about Theodore Roosevelt. He swears by it's greatness, so ladies if you're ever looking for a good book to get your man, apparently here's one.

And finally, are you wondering what happened to Grace? She went to bed at normal time - 8ish - and asked AGAIN to read her favorite book apparently.....the Wal-Mart baby catalog. This is the 4th straight night in a row she's asked for me to "read" that "book" and she's mesmorized every second. I flip the pages and make up sentences like, "Don't forget to buy your baby a wipe warmer to make them happy!" (Or whatever goes along with the picture.) She loves it!


The Garners said...

The WM baby catalog cracks me UP! :)

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