Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day #6

My their diapers!

(Preggo update) I can't explain why I don't just take a test....maybe I don't want the disappointment yet. Maybe I need the blogging ideas....maybe I'm a wee bit scared about the possibility of another little one? We are so comfortable and in a great place with the one we have. It's a bit scary to think of going back to square one again. But I know..... all you mothers of more than one...I know. I know how strong God made us....... Monday is the day.

So a sweet highschool friend remarked through bloggerville about how hard it must be to teach all day and then go home and give Grace 100%. I thought about that for a while. Gosh, how do we do working moms? But then, and I don't know if any of you have this reason, I immediately knew why I do it. Part of it is I love teaching....but really? Do you really want to know what makes me happy about working? The people I work with. My principal. I couldn't rave more......they are THE greatest co-workers.....funny, thoughtful, helpful, name it. And my principal? Huge heart for his kids, huge heart for his staff. He literally is the glue that holds our little teaching world together. I really don't see how working moms could leave their little ones and go to a place that wasn't less than wonderful.

So today, we had a baby shower for one of my teammates in our school library. How cute was everything? The cake....(Riggs, is the baby boy's name)....and food....the games....oh yeah, so much laughing!

My fourth grade team


The Lorick Family said...

You were is a great place to work! Leaving the boys is hard, but having such a great place to go to work makes it a little easier to swallow!

The Garners said...

How fun! That cake is precious! I like the name "Riggs" too.

Juli said...

What a fun party! That cake is darling!

I never liked to test, either. What's funny is that, with both girls, I had people tell me "go test already". I was always scared of yet another big fat no. :( But I'll tell you what, those two positive tests make all of those negative ones pale in comparison! And it IS scary going from one to two, but it's so cool to see how your heart can expand so much in that one instant. It's amazing how God makes parents like that :)

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